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Macy Ssens is an angel in black showing us her sexy figure – BaberoticaVR


Well this is fun! We have a new model to introduce, this is Miss Macy Ssens and she is an angel in black showing us her sexy hot body. We start off with our angel in a hot black outfit that was made to show off her body. It is kinda like a bondage outfit, and it barely covers her body. She looks so hot and she is all ours today. We start out on the bed and she is looking very sultry as she scoots up close to the camera and makes sure she gets as close to the VR camera as she can. Then we really get a great view of that sexy black thing she is wearing. It is kinda like straps that hold up a see through pair of panties. And the panties are just like a thong that show off her hot ass. Her top is nonexistent as we get a great shot of her lovely tits. And we start off with Macy looking in the camera and giving us her sexy look as she grabs both of those hot boobs and shoves them in our face. What a delight and a turn on to see her bounce around on the bed as she shows off each part of her body. Macy plops her butt down and takes one leg and lifts it high so she can spread her legs open wide and reach her hand down to her thong panties and spread them open for us. We can see she is itching to let her pussy out as she rubs and grabs at her pussy lips as her panties are pulled to one side and we see her pink pussy all ready to be licked. Macy plays around some more before she pulls out a little black toy she has been hiding. We get super excited as we know what she has in store for us with her sex toy. Go watch the full video and enjoy our newest model Miss Macy Ssens.

Date: July 5, 2022

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