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Miss Alexa Mood from Russia takes off her night gown to spread her legs for us – BaberoticaVR


And direct from Russia Miss Alexa Mood. What a great show! Sometimes you are in the mood for a tease, for a wind up and a nice slow edging. And sometimes you just want your stripper to come in, peel off her clothes and spread her pussy open for you so you can gaze deep into her hole and imagine how sweet that pussy juice would taste on your tongue. Miss Alexa is here to party. She has on a lil neglige andis in the kitchen here just playing with us. She is Russian so you know she has a great body. Those Russian girls are lovely and have such hard firm asses and juicy tits and they are always willing to do whatever you want. Some of these angles are the fast kind and some like Alexa like to toy with you and bring you close to the edge while they wind you up and get you hard. Alexa has a great set of tits and she of course has no bra on under her neglige. She is not shy about getting right to it and showing us her hot tits. We are happy to have them right in our face and we are so curious about the rest of her outfit to know if she wears panties under her little neglige. We can not see a panty line and she keeps teasing us lifting it up so we almost see her ass. Finally she just drops the whole thing and we get to see that indeed her pussy is bare and there are no panties to cover her sweet hole. She is excited to see the look in our faces as she sits up on the counter and spreads her legs for us so we can enjoy looking into her hole. We love that! You will love the rest of her show so go watch the full video so you can see what other magic she has for you.

Date: July 5, 2022