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June 3, 2024

LifeFAVORS will be onsite at the Currently Social Tour 2024'! This will shine as a two day event on the East Coast this year. Their entrance to the tour come welcomed and respected as does the brand. Since developed they have been elevating our tours to levels I never thought would be possible all thanks to their generous contribution. UnTAMED Video will host our very first live VR demonstration for the public at this event so don't hesitate in securing your spot. Know also that by downloading our App you can signup for the tour as well as other things accessible only from within our online community. It is packed with lots of freebies and games in case you miss the event live, but make sure to be there anyways. UnTAMED Video now is delivering our very own brand of Virtual Reality equipment that is making more and more waves. As a gift back to fans you will find that we are now offering access to the Metaverse through downloadable cell phone applications. There will be Virtual Reality goggles and controllers sold all throughout the event as well. Live at the event will also be giveaways, date auctions, MMA signup booth, new on-site interview, and BBQ sold! Don't delay take part today.

January 21, 2024

During the time it took to publish this latest blog entry my hiatus has been discussed over all types of the social media platforms out there. Where is he? Kings do things like he's SUPPOSED to be doing each and every week why is HE special? I truthfully was over seas traveling with the less fortunate breast-feeding infants abroad... What have you missed enters your thoughts by now I'm sure. Where do I start. I have actually reached out to many of you by email campaigns, without the blog subscribing as a Member has been you fans only glimpse of the kidd. Very big thanks to they managed carrying out a favor that I simply can not leave a secret any longer. UnTAMED Video, Inc. now has maneuvered towards developing 360degree Immersive Virtual Reality Goggles with accessories that get you connected to the Metaverse for sell. Best of all it's powered from your cellphone! No batteries needed. Look towards right away to purchase today! You can always shop ang grab as many as you want to carry from location at the next Currently Social Tour. Tour dates coming soon....

If you simply can't wait for the tour, don't forget we have an UnTAMED Video App. Easy and Secure download available on

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Our Sixth Blog Entry

June 8, 2023

God-dammit it’s been way to long since your last glimpse into what’s going on with UnTAMED Video. This time Head Office has proudly brought surprises, big news not to miss about the tour, new talent, as well as a whole new look for and its sister site with purposes of building on our merit and giving the public a new perspective on our content with a new look. The mobile issues causing visual problems have been addressed as well. If any problems still exist write in and tell all about your experience and don’t delay. The Currently Social Squad has been working behind the scene also creating a brand-new Mobile App. You can use it to see what’s happening with your friends and turn heads promoting whatever it might be that you want to show off to the outside world. Become a member and build your own page. We support everyone and respect must be given so lets see those uploads! Mentioning building merit and showing support for other creatives out there, the Company is now delivering access to a line of sports leagues. The Legends Football League is growing online features nothing but women athletes draped in lingerie, gear for protection and now available is to the public. We also have an intent to promote Gun’s And Hoses a charity competition to help the families of Firefighters as well as those families of C.O.P.S. as they go to battle in an exciting and over the top fight competition. Bringing all this shit may cost but worry not you're getting it for free. All of this is available on the Currently Social App, as well as bonus features for members. So what are you waiting for, scan the QR code and join or simply click and download today.

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Our Fifth Blog Entry

Mar 17, 2023

It's time to celebrate XXXUnTAMED because for one it is St. Patricks Day an I'm turn't up also today Untamed Video has a big announcement to make. The time has come to tell you all of the date for The Currently Social Tour 2023'!!! Look out for us in the St. Louis, Missouri area on April 7th, 2023. Just because we want to give something back to the fans we have gained over the years we will offer for no cost a select amount of Virtual Reality Goggles and tutorials to optimize your experience on April 7th. This is going to be exclusively on location and all you have to do is complete a short one page survey on your experience. At the event singles will be there to enhance your experience at the performance and available for live chats... Did we mention we are auctioning lunch companionship for the auction winners from a model; strictly one per winner however. All thanks should go to the Currently Social Squad. Find our members online at

oh and before I forget, if you have a cell phone we have an app!

Our Fourth Blog Entry

Oct 08, 2022

I'm shocked more haven't been blowing our inbox up trying to fill me in, but if you haven't noticed we changing our format, with all that said and the show being today. We found out the venue was double booked and the way we express ourselves we needed more of our own space. And now with that said we are truly representing with a heartfilled apology. We got together and determined we will definitely do it soon and even bigger too, so prepare yourselves. A later debut of our event "can we cut it?" can bring a better chance to get that message out since all great things come with time. We still have the scales up to swap, and swear to find the best promotional materials so things like our blog and purpose don't get overlooked. We coming and prepare to peep us soon redelivering the patented over the top UnTAMED Video experience. So check back soon.

Our Third Blog Entry

May 3, 2022

We paused a minute but the blog is here so you can best guarantee we are back and in effect better than ever ladies and gentleman. 

Now bringing the public

You can think of where this might take us I'm sure! Check back monthly for the updates to the blog, hell maybe I'll even throw you a little something in a fraction of that time. You will just have to watch for it.

Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2022

I don't know if the Virtual Reality Porn we offering you was being taken in by you viewers out there like it should but don't knock it till you've tried it and tell us your honest opinions. We do listen to the viewers. 

Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2022

XXXUnTAMED has begun bringing the hottest entertainment your eyes will ever witness. Wait did I say XXXUnTAMED I meant UnTAMED Video, Inc. We just use the fanbase and presentation that XXXUnTAMED brings to the table and put a little spin to it for kicks. 

There's more to come too so get close to your computer tablet or cell phone whatever device you may be using.

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