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Vika Lita is 180 cm tall and has a sexy lean hot body she enjoys showing off – BaberoticaVR


The tallest model we have had on BaberoticaVR. We are always happy to find new talent and someone who stands out is someone we want on our site. This is a Russian model that stood out for being so sexy but also for those long long limbs. We are in love with a woman who can rock high heels and elongate her sexy longs and make them look even longer and that is what Vika does here. We brought her in for the shoot today and we wanted her to make a selection of what to wear. She choose a one piece in red and we think that was the right choice as it makes her look even longer than she is. We wanted her to look like a giant and then we wanted her to tower over us with her sexy long legs straddling us as we looked up and saw her pink pussy descending down to smother us. Vika Lita has some tits that are what we call, stand up and say hello boobs. They do not droop, they are not so big as to fall, they sit up perfectly and her nipples point right at you when you stand in front of her when she is naked. She decided not to take off her one piece and show us her tits right away and wanted to tease some which was fine with us as she turned around and kneeled down and showed her ass up close to the camera. She slithered around on the bed and raised her long legs and rubbed all over her body and played with her ass for us. God this was getting us all off even before she took off her clothes. We wanted more of this and then she popped up and pulled her straps off her shoulders and took her cute tits out to show us. GO see the whole video to enjoy more of her!

Date: July 5, 2022

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