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The lovely Mika is our hot blonde today in front of our VR camera – BaberoticaVR


It is always exciting to have a new model in the studio. We get excited thinking of how fun it is going to be with someone new and their first experience with the VR camera. We get to show them how great it is in VR and how much better the experience is for the viewer when they can see a video in VR. Today we have the lovely Mika in front of our VR camera and she looks wonderful. She has some sexy tattoos on her body that we got to explore with our camera and get up close with. She has one that is right on her panty line so when she takes off her shorts you get a good shot of her tat. Mika is super cute and has such a sweet face. She is so unassuming and when she sits down on the bed to play she starts off with Mika showing us a little bit of cleavage and getting us warmed up for what is to come. Hot and sexy and we were excited for more of this sweet blonde angel. She was wearing a loose fitting pair of shorts and we were getting some great shots of her panties! And now, Mika pulls those shorts open gives us a peek at her pink lil pussy. We are getting hard now and we want more of this angel. Mika then just unbuttons the top and pops her hot tits out and lets us see those mounds of joy! Yum, we want those tits in our face! She is so thin and hot and then Mika starts playing with her shorts and we know they are coming off soon. Mika turns around, and backs that lovely ass up right in front of the camera so we get a great shot of her honey hole. Go watch the full video to see how sexy this babe is in virtual reality.

Date: July 5, 2022
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