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Russian angel Miss Rita Lolly gets naked in front of our VR camera today – BaberoticaVR


This is our newest Russian angel. We get lots of hot women from Russia and Eastern Europe and they are in such high demand because they look so fucking hot and are such great models. Rita is not too old. In fact you can guess how old she is just by looking at her neck, she tells you right there on her tattoo. So, we got a hot young Russian in the studio and we have a VR camera set up so what are we going to do? We get that hottie to do a strip tease show for us. Rita is wearing a skimpy top and as far as we can tell, no bra. She has a pair of skin tight shorts on and she has a sexy look in her eyes. Those are all great ingredients to make a nice strip tease video. Rita is of course game and we sit her down and tell her to just go for it. She sits in a chair and we turn on the VR camera and she comes alive. She starts rubbing herself all over. She pulls her knees up and grabs her ass for us. She takes her hands and grabs her tits as well. She turns over and gets up on her knees and bends over so we can see that full ass of hers and she grabs it and reaches a hand in and pulls her ass cheek over so she can slip it down and rub her pussy. Rita wants us to get hard, and she keeps looking right up at us in the eyes when she is rubbing herself. She decides she has too many clothes on and she pulls the straps off her shoulders and then just pulls her top off over her head. Finally we get to see her cute titties and her little nipples. Our memory flashes back to when we were in school as we gaze at her tits. This is lovely and we want more of this as she… Go watch the full video to see what Rita does for us next.

Date: July 5, 2022

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