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Mika is our tall sexy Russian blonde with the sexiest long legs – BaberoticaVR


We introduced you to Mika and got a great response. There are so many members that were interested in seeing more of her. She is back and we are showing you a nice time we had with her in the Loft. For those new to Mika she is from Russia and is one very tall hot blonde that was made to be in front of a VR camera. She is 178cm tall and has the longest hottest legs around. We are in love with her and so happy she came back to have some more fun with us. She is wearing her slutty office girl uniform today. Her white blouse and black skirt are just a bit too much to wear to work in an office. And those stockings really pull the outfit together showing off her long legs and the shortness of her skirt. Mika does not seem to be too keen on wearing her clothes today though. Mika decides that she is going to need to take off some of her clothes as she is getting excited sitting there in front of us and the VR camera. She has an itchy pussy that is needing some scratching and she wants us to watch her as she does it. She hops up and turns around and points her ass at the camera and shows us how sweet her pussy is when she lifts her skirt to show us she has no panties on. Then we see how wet she has gotten sitting there with so much anticipation of getting naked in front of us. We are happy to help her get off so we pull our cocks out and show her how hard we are and this gives her some motivation to keep going and take all her clothes off. God that pussy of hers is so pink and lovely! Go watch the full video to see what she does with her legs spread wide in front of the VR camera.

Date: July 5, 2022

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