Maya Stone works her magic in front of the VR camera today – BaberoticaVR


This models has the most unique name. This is Maya Stone and when we think of her we of course think of the hard rock we have in our pants. I mean, her name is Stone and she gets us all so hard. We love getting models in to the studio to show you. We were all here this afternoon when Maya came in and we all nodded at each other and gave each other knowing looks. We all knew we were in for some fun as our newest hottie worked her magic in front of our VR camera. If you have not signed up, now is a good time to go and get a membership so you can watch all of this fun video we shot with the lovely Maya. She has a special toy with her today and she strips out of her cute blouse and jean skirt to show off her black panties and that firm ass she was hiding. We learned that we had a real fire cracker on our hands when Maya just dropped the panties and turned around and showed us her hot ass before even taking off her top and skirt. And then Maya stripped down for us and just left her cute black stockings on and got her huge dildo and kneeled down in front of the camera and licked and sucked that dildo and everyone of us in the office was wishing she was doing that to our cocks. Maya got that dildo good and wet and then she sat back and slid it deep into her pussy. What a fucking show! And did we mention the tits on this angel? She has such a perfect set of tits. They are so white and the nipples so pink and they are just the perfect size and all we could think of while watching her is how much we wanted them in our face as she pile drove down onto our cocks. What a fucking dream our hot Maya is. Go check out her full video.

Date: July 5, 2022

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