Lucia Denvile is our dancing queen today in VR – BaberoticaVR


Remember seeing all those old videos from the 80s of hot actresses doing exercise videos? They were always wearing some tight leotards and leggings and then they would dance around doing their exercise routines? Well, that is exactly what we witnessed here today. We have Lucia Denvile in our studio and she is our dancing queen today in full VR. She dances and shakes and moves and plays and strips and it makes us think of those old videos. Of course we all know that Lucia is not here to get us to exercise, but she is here to get us off. She knows how to work the VR camera and she knows how to get us off. She does that by doing exactly what she did today. She looked sexy, wore a hot outfit, shook her ass and tits and got in our face with her sexy body. That got us all off. She is smart enough to know the outfit is just half the tease, and that how she shakes and moves in that outfit is what is going to edge us close to climax. We should state right away, we love Lucia and her hot body. She has such a great ass that is so fuckable. Lucia pulls off her outfit after a few minutes and pulls down her panties and we get a great view of that sexy sweet ass of hers. Now she knows her pussy is the magic hole, but she also knows that every man wants to reach out and grab a hold of that hot ass of hers. Here we get to see Lucia in VR and we get to imagine holding her ass and sliding into her with our cock. The girl knows how to play and tease and we are here to film it so you can enjoy it as well. What a lovely day to be a member of BaberoticaVR.

Date: July 5, 2022

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