Lina is sexy thin and super hot, This Russian doll gets naked in VR for you – BaberoticaVR


Who remembers Lina? I bet you do because we had a great response to her first VR video with us. We enjoyed watching her get naked and play in VR for us and we were mesmerized by that fabulous ass of hers. Today our tattooed angel is back and she is going to be showing off some more of her moves for you. We love hot young Eastern European women. Lina is Russian and she has that vibe about her. She is cute and thin, and so sexy with her small tits and long hair and lovely long legs. The whole office was excited to meet her and each one of the staff made sure to be in the office the day she came to see us. She was lovely as her photos and we knew she was going to be a hit with the members. Lina has a large tattoo all over her right hand which was interesting as the rest of her body was free of tats. She was clean as a whistle everywhere else. She had a clean shaven pussy that was so hot we all wanted to kneel down in front of her and worship her pussy. She has these long legs that you just want to wrap around your neck as you grab her ass and pull her hips toward you to devour her lovely Russian pussy. Lina came to us today wearing skin tight black shorts and a halter top with no bra underneath. She got on the sofa and just started playing to the camera like no one was there but here and the viewer in the VR gear. She really knew how to play in front of the camera as she peeled off the shorts and showed us she had some cute red panties on. That was hot and then she lifted both her legs, spread them wide and.. go watch the full video to see all she did next. It is so much better than reading about it. And she is worth a whole month’s membership alone, she is that good.

Date: July 5, 2022

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