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Kira and Mika get naked in front of our VR camera today – BaberoticaVR


Kira and Mika! Our lesbian lovers are here and they look great! There are so many wonderful aspects of having a site like BaberoticaVR with so many lovely ladies and all in VR. But one that we seldom see is a duo like these two in front of our VR camera. These hotties are Kira and Mika, and you might know them as they are so hot and are both up and coming porn stars. Kira is the blonde and Mika has the long dark hair. The girls don’t need instructions, they just need to hear the word ‘go’ and they are at it. They both came in today looking like a million bucks. They had their sexy long stockings on that came up to their thighs. That was sexy as hell and gave the staff boners. I swear even all the female staff here could not keep their eyes off these two lovelies. We were not sure whou would be more aggressive of the two but Mika had Kira’s top off right away and was going for her tits with her mouth. She leaned right over and started sucking on those lovely nipples. Mika enjoyed that but was submissive enough to let Kira get behind her and start kissing her neck and grabbing at her very large lovely breasts. Mika really does have the best tits around. Those two mounds of fun are so perfect. Every one of us on staff wanted to reach out and grab Mika’s tits. Kira then decided she had had enough of her mouth and tits and turned her around so she could get down and start playing with her yummy pussy. She bent her over and pulled down her panties. That was lovely as Mika had her ass right in front of our VR camera and we got a great shot of her shaved pussy. Kira then pulled out a very large dildo and… You are going to have to go watch the full video as it is better to see it for yourself then me describing it to you.

Date: July 5, 2022
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