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Kira and Dina Soul together at last! A dream come true. – BaberoticaVR


Kira and Dina Soul together at last! A dream come true. What could be better than these two together and in VR? You are going to love this new episode in our series of the hottest adult stars coming together to make out in VR. We have both of these lovelies almost naked from the get go. Both of them start off on the sofa in their cutest and hottest lingerie. We are here to watch, and we are not going to say anything, just watch as these two lovelies play together. Everyone loves Kira, and pairing her with Dina was just a brilliant idea as these two could be twins and that is a turn on in and of itself, thinking of these two as sisters getting off on each other and enjoying each other’s hot sexy body. If you remember them well, Dina is the more blonde one and she has the sexy pointy tits. Kira is the dirty blonde and she has the tats and loves to show off her big bouncy tits in front of the VR camera. We love these hotties and right away both of them do not disappoint as they go at each other kissing and licking each other and their hands are all over each other. All they want to do is get their hands between the other girls legs and slide a finger in her pussy. How wonderful is that? Two sexy hot women in front of the VR camera and they spread each other open so they can dive into some hot pussy. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Date: July 5, 2022

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