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Katty West is looking sexy and hot in VR today – BaberoticaVR


Katty West is lean and long and hot and she is our sexy dark haired Russian who is here to please and make everyone happy with her magic. This magic she has resides in her panties and we are going to turn on our VR camera and she is going to slip off her panties for all of us. Katty knows what she has that makes others happy and she does not like to hide it in her panties when she can bring it out and watch everyone’s expression change to a smile and happiness when they see her hot pink pussy. Today Katty decided to start off her shoot today wearing nothing but a matching and bra and panties. She has her hair down and looking lovely. She has a smile on her face and she is happy when she hears us say, Action! Cause now she gets to bring the world the happiness and joy she thinks it deserves. She shows us her tummy and starts rubbing it to get it all warmed up. Her bra and panties look great together and she turns around and gets up on her knees and bends over. What we see is her thong, shoved right up that ass of hers and everyone in the room gets a hard on! We are hard as rocks as she starts gyrating her hips and moving that ass. We are ready to jump on the bed and rip off those panties and plunge our cocks into that hole she is hiding. We don’t care if we happen to slide it into her ass or pussy cause we just want to slide inside her. What a great show in VR for you and you can transport yourself to her bedside as she performs the whole show for you. Go watch this trailer then the full video to enjoy her sexy hot pussy.

Date: July 5, 2022

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