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In VR today, Our newest hottest model, Miss Alexandra Roz gets naked! – BaberoticaVR


What an angel! This is Miss Alexandra Roz and she makes us smile. She is the kind of girl who just wants to be happy and make you happy while you are with her. Imagine being with her and all she thought about is what she could do to make you happy. That is who Alexandra is. She is kind and sweet and very sexy. We start her off on our VR site in front of the camera in a kinda tiger print one piece skin tight suit. It is also a thong, and is very sheer and you can almost see right through it as we see that our sexy new model is not wearing a bra. We love it when our models decide they can just not wear a bra. We want to see all of them, and the more we get to see the sooner the better. It takes about a minute for Alexandra to go right for her tits and pull them out of her top and show them off. And then she hops right up and turns around and wants us to take a peek at her hot ass too. It is just enough to get all of us rock hard and that means the whole staff is sitting there watching this show unfold with their cocks in their hands and waiting to see what magic move our hottie is going to do next. What she does is sit back down, spread her legs, and show us her pussy! She wants us to whack off and she wants us to come and it is so easy to do with a people pleaser like Alexandra. She shakes her tits and moves up to the camera and smiles as she leans over and lets us see her big fat boobs shake and move. Then she.. Go watch the full video! You are going to enjoy the rest of the video where Alexandra pulls open her pussy lips for the camera. It is so worth it!

Date: July 5, 2022

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