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Denis is a sexy Russian babe who is in our VR room today – BaberoticaVR


Russian angel! That is who we have with us today in VR. We look for hot Russians and sometimes they turn out to be angels too. This is Denis and she has an unusual English name but we don’t mind as she has a hard tight ass that was made for fucking. She also knows her way around a VR camera as you can see from the video. She is also full of surprises as she shows off her sexy outfit for us. Denis is as thin as a rail, she is slender like a tall glass of water. We are in love with Russian women and the dark eyes and long lovely brunette hair are a real turn on for all of us at the office. This hottie is wearing a small little neglige that barely covers her and also gives us a good look at the panties she has on underneath. She lifts it up so we can see what she has on and the panties are not our favorite to be honest but we don’t mind as we know she is going to be discarding them to show us that lovely pussy of hers. Denis sits back down and pulls her top down and shows us her pierced nipples. That is fun and sweet of her and she rubs her titties for us and that of course makes everyone watching hard as a rock. The girl knows how to tease and how to turn men on. She then takes off the top and gets up on her knees and slips her hand into the panties to get to the pussy to play. This is starting to get good and the next thing she does is reach back and pull out a little vibrator. I guess she wants her hot pink button stimulated, but then she turns it on and starts rubbing her nipples with it. This is fun until she… go watch the full video. It is so much better than reading about it! You are going to enjoy watching Denis get off in VR and you’ll rewatch it for days getting more enjoyment out of this hot Russian angel.

Date: July 5, 2022

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