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Dayana Kamil and Katty West show us what deep lesbian french kissing is – BaberoticaVR


Oh this is the best video you are going to see today! We have such a surprise for you. Two of the most popular models are here and they are together in a real hot lesbian show. Katty West is ready to go as she all over Dayana kissing her and grabbing her tits and then she starts to pull her top up so she can see her tits and get her mouth on them. Dayana is so hot and her tits would make anyone horny. Katty is so kind that she makes sure she gets out of the way of the VR camera so we can get a great view of Dayana. Her tits are out and they look lovely. Dayana has such a tight body and looks great topless and in her tight fitting shorts. Now she is horny and wants a piece of Katty so she turns her around and pulls her top up and gets behind her and grabs her from behind and pulls her Katty’s head back so she can kiss her while her hands are all over her tits. Now she wants a piece of her nice ass. She turns her around and gets her on her knees and pulls her shorts down in front of the camera so we see how hot it is and then they are both too horny to care any more and she just sits her down and covers her face with her own and reaches down between her legs and grabs her pussy. She has her fingers probing her pussy and starts rubbing her clit. She uses her other hand and reaches around and grabs her pierced tit. Now Katty is hot she wants Dayana’s pussy! So she turns her around pulls her hot shorts down and makes her kneel doggy style in front of the camera so we can see her hot pussy. Go watch the full video cause they pull some dildos out and you are going to want to see all of this.

Date: July 5, 2022

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