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Rayana Bang is a hot redhead with luscious puss lips in VR today – BaberoticaVR


Right out of the gate, no messing around, here is one hot sexy Redhead! This is Miss Rayana Bang and she is red hot. We had Rayana Bang come to the studio not sure what to expect. We booked her because we saw how sexy hot she is and she is a ‘don’t give a fuck’ kind of girl. She is going to leave it all on the floor. We set up our VR camera and had her come in and she let us know what she was going to wear and what she was going to do. She was intent on just getting started and didn’t want to wear a bunch of clothes and take them off. She just wanted to wear what she thougth was the most sexy and I am sure you will agree she looks great in her leopard print lingerie. She didn’t even want her tits tucked away, she had them hanging out of the top so we could get a great view of her nipples before she even took off her bra. Since they were already out Miss Rayana decided to focus on her panties and rubbing her hands all over her panties to get all warmed up. This was nice for her and for you the viewer as she does not mess around and her pussy is getting hot and ready to get fucked. She is that hot and her pussy lips just hang down low and are ready to be played with and sucked. You can check them out when she bends over. What a hot fucking pussy and can you close your eyes and imagine her sitting on your face and rubbing her big pussy lips all over your face? And her lips are all over your mouth as she fucks your face! Check out the full video to watch what she does when she pulls out her dildo!

Date: July 5, 2022
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