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Rayana Bang is such a hottie, you will certainly want to bang’ her. – BaberoticaVR


What a great name, Bang. Can you think of a better one for a sexy chick that is a hot porn star? This is our first meeting with Miss Rayana Bang. We think you are going to like her as much as we did. We were impressed with how easy she was to work with. And what a sexy body this angel has! We were quite pleased to set up the VR camera and have her sit down in front of it and just go to work like she was a pro. She had on a pair of shorts and a sexy tight top on. That top made us horny as she looks to have a great pair of tits based on how she filled out the top. Rayana decided to start out by doing a lil dance in front of the camera backing her ass up to it. She then shoved her hand in her shorts so she could play with her pussy some. This was getting good and Rayana was quick to drop the shorts next and the panties with them so she could show us her tight ass. We got a great view of that as she backed it up to the camera. We were pleased to see it right in our VR camera up close. It felt like we could almost taste it. Rayana then turned around and sat down and spread her legs open so she could play with her pussy. That was kind of her to do as she really got into it and started banging away on her punk pussy lips. She was soon wet and her fingers were slapping her pussy hard as she finger fucked herself. She stood up and got up close to the camera so we could see how big her pussy lips were as they hung down. What a lovely sight. You are going to want to see the whole show, go watch the full video to see what sex toy she pulled out next to play for us.

Date: July 5, 2022

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