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Katty West and the lovely Maya Stone get some sex toys out to play – BaberoticaVR


Two great tastes that go together. Today those are Katty West and the lovely Maya Stone. We were happy to invite both of them to the studio today to have some fun. We as always were curios to see what happens when we get two great ladies like this together and how is the most aggressive and who takes the lead. This was our sexual experiment for the day. And here we are, with both of these lovely ladies and they could not be more different. And the beautiful thing about that is that having them together satisfies everyone. Lovers of hot blondes with light skin, and those with a a fetish for brunettes with darker skin can both be satisfied with these two lovely ladies. Maya of course has the light skin and lovely blonde hair and has been featured before on our site. But you might be new to Katty. She is the one that has that delicious pussy and lickable nipples. We want this duo to show us a good time and see if they can get our heartbeat up. Well right off the bat it is Katty who goes after Maya. She starts kissing her and grabbing her and soon her top is off and she is wanting those tits. But Maya then takes charge and pulls up Katty’s top and goes after her pierced nipples sucking and licking and playing with them. So now Katty is turned on and she wants Maya’s pants off now! So she grabs her and pulls off her pants and lays her down and goes right for it kissing her up and down her belly and reaching down between her legs to play with her pussy. And she is so hot she just pulls her panties right off and throws them at the VR camera! From there it goes on and you are going to have to got watch the full video! It is great and so worth it. These two are amazing and to tell the truth, that is when the sex toys come out too!

Date: July 5, 2022

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